Is This The Best Training For A Cocker Spaniel?

I keep getting asked ‘What Is The Best Training For A Cocker Spaniel and as you all know, I always recommend this online training course.

As I have personally bought and used this course, I can definitely recommend it.

Please be aware though, that whichever training method you try, it takes patience and repetition……there is no magic quick fix

Hopefully, by the time you have read through my thoughts on this training, you will easily be able to make a clear decision on whether this course will work for you.

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As you guys know, I don’t claim to be an expert or a professional when it comes to dog training and I’m certainly no wannabe or self-proclaimed “Dog Training Guru”

I simply enjoy writing about Cocker Spaniels and posting my thoughts on Cocker related topics and what things have worked or not worked for me and my dogs.

Why Did I Buy This Course

I’m always looking online at Cocker Spaniel related stuff. Actually I’m always looking at any dog-related things, to be honest. I’m a sucker for a good looking pooch.

Online training courses have always intrigued me. I’m in my 40’s so I’m kinda skeptical when it comes to all things online…..well not so much now I’m online myself.

The youth of today wouldn’t think anything was strange about an online course teaching you how to train your dog but I’m old school.

I was of the thought, how can you train a dog without going to classes and seeing a professional trainer ‘in person’?

So stumbling around online, I found 2 courses that stood out to me. The first was Dog Training Secrets and the second was the course that I recommend.

Just to make you aware, I have never used or seen the training material inside of Dog Training Secrets so I can’t recommend that either way.

So one of the reasons I was looking around online at dog training was because even though by Guinness was well passed the puppy stage, I was having certain problems with him that I had never experienced form an older dog.

This included random chewing even when I was there. He would all of a sudden completely ignore me when out for a walk. He would do this once a week maybe and only for a few minutes and I couldn’t figure out the reason why……very frustrating.

So like I said, I jumped online and randomly started searching around in Google and Youtube to see what came up.

That is how I came across these 2 courses. I read reviews as well as the sales pages and ultimately purchased Brain Training For Dogs.

Now I will be honest, I wasn’t exactly drawn to the product straight away.

The name ‘Brain Training For Dogs’ was very much like click bait but the more I looked around, I found all online courses on any subject follow the same path.

So I took the plunge and bought the course. One of the reasons I bought the course was the price.

I had considered taking my Cocker Spaniel back for some obedience classes and although I knew they had worked in the past, I also knew that all the dogs that would be there would be puppies which I felt wouldn’t help.

And then like I just mentioned, the price. Proper professional dog training classes are expensive around my way and I had already spent quite a bit of money on them when my Cocker was just a pup.

Paying $40 – 50 for an online training course to potentially stop or help curb my dogs rather random behavior certainly seemed like a no brainer to me.

Who Is Adrienne Farricelli

Before I bought the course, I did do a little digging to find out who this trainer was.

Her name is Adrienne Farricelli and she’s also in a few commercial publications too.

She has over 10 years of experience and is well known for her teachings.

That wasn’t enough for me so I went one step further and sent her an email, explaining my situation with my Cocker Spaniel and whether her training could help.

To my surprise, she replied…..with a yes!!

The fact that she was willing to communicate was a good sign. Either that, or she was desperate for a sea of her course.

I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Buying And Downloading The Training

If you are familiar with purchasing an online training course then no doubt you will have experienced ‘upsells’.

Well, expect the same thing with Brain Training. Once you make the purchase for the course, you’re then taken through to a sales page where they try to sell you another 2 offers.

Honestly, I didn’t even read what they were trying to sell. I just wanted the info that they talked about on the sales page.

Maybe the additional products are good but I can’t comment on that or recommend them either way.

The sales page looks nice and tidy and shares a ton of info on what you can expect inside should you decide to buy.

You can see more on the sales page here.

Once you make the purchase of the product you’ll receive an email with links to the online videos and pdf downloadables.

A Look Inside The Members Area

So after buying the course, I quickly got stuck into the section that covered bad behavior and over excitement. There were techniques that involved using positive reinforcement to help calm your dog down when they’re hyper.

I slowly started to test these ideas out for a few days and notice a slight improvement.

If I’m honest, I was happy with the progress. You can’t ‘teach an old dog new tricks’ does have some truth to it so I was expecting slower progress than if I was training a puppy.

The further you get into the training and pdf’s, the meatier the content gets.

The early stages are about explaining was the course is and how to use it with a few exercises thrown in here and there.

The course is very big on positive training which I’m a big believer in. It’s also a very proactive course, with games for your dog to do which are actually training him while he thinks he’s playing.

Below is a list of every typical problem that a dog can have and this course will teach you and your dog how to tackle it head on.

One thing I did really like about his course was the fact that the info wasn’t super hard to pick up on. It’s pretty much simple all the way through, so there are no real restrictions on what you can try.

I hate complicated things. I want clear instructions on how to do something so I can start to do it straight away and this course definitely delivers in that respect.

All the modules are split into school years, so they go through the motions of high school, college, graduation etc….you get the picture.

And, as you go through each one, it’s designed to get a little more difficult and intense with the training methods.

Following The Course

Probably the best thing about the course was the way that each training lesson leads to the next making it super easy to pick up where you left off, and it also helps you progress accordingly with the training too.

Top Tip! Despite what issue your dog is having, I highly recommend you do not skip ahead of any lessons.

Each of the modules starts with an introduction page that explains what to expect inside and includes a few links to each lesson.

It’s easy to navigate too, as there are a few forward and back buttons at the bottom of the page, so you can quickly get from one video to the next.

What You Get With This Course

As well as the ‘School Modules’ I have already mentioned, which there’s 7 in total, you also get everything I list below.

This is taken direct from the Brain Training For Dogs sales page.

As you can see, there’s rather a lot of information to get through but like I said earlier, the format of the course is so well laid out and easy to follow that it looks a lot more complex than it really is.

Yes, you get all of this information and teaching for less than $50

Imagine if you bought the course up sells as well? Not that I did.

Course Pro’s And Cons

Like anything in life, there’s always a negative side to things so below I’m going to cover the pro’s and con’s of the Brain Training course.

Lets start with the Pro’s:

  • Very inexpensive
  • More information than you can imagine
  • Personal access to the trainer to discuss any issues you feel aren’t covered in the course
  • Step By Step
  • Super easy to follow
  • Train your dog in your own time
  • Never tied to a particular day or time for training

Now lets look at the con’s:

  • Some would say some of the information is generic. I agree but it’s also necessarry so is that really a con?
  • A lot of the information can be found for free online. This is true but it would be a nightmare trying to piece it all together and how would you know you had the right information in the first place?

I guess that makes the final con actually a pro of this training.

Do I Recommend Brain Training For Dogs?

I think you know the answer to that question.

The amount of quality information you get and the way it’s all laid out and all for less than $50, personally I think you would be crazy not to buy it.

Unless you are flat out broke from replacing all the furniture your Cocker Spaniel has been chewing.

My results With Guinness

So I’m more than happy to say that I got great results training my Cocker Spaniel with this courses methods.

Perfect results? No, Fast results?, not quite. Remember, my Cocker Spaniel was quite old when I started using some of the teachings with him and he’s quite the stubborn old man so I wasn’t expecting miracles.

We did come pretty close though.

I have recommended this training to many people with new puppies and the majority have gotten very good results.

Some of them admitted that they didn’t follow the course thoroughly and regularly but still achieved more than satisfactory results with their dogs behavior.


If this is the first time you have visited my blog and read all the way to the end then you know how highly I recommend Brain Training For Dogs.

If you are a regular reader then you already know how I feel about the course so why are you even here? LOL!!

Product Rating = 4.8 out of 5

I would go as far as a ‘MUST BUY’

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