Best Dog Crate For A Cocker Spaniel

Best Dog Crate

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to buying a crate for your new Cocker Spaniel puppy. Before you rush out and purchase the first crate you find, think about the environment your Cocker will be living in and consider which material would be best suited for your home.

Which is the best crate for a Cocker Spaniel? After considering numerous crates, both online and in local stores, we decided to buy AmazonBasics Dog Crate (link check Amazon for latest price) for our new Cocker Spaniel.

We did a lot of looking around and asking online in forums etc for some advice. This particular crate seemed to be getting very good positive reviews so we went ahead and purchased it and even today, it’s still going strong and my Cocker Spaniel still uses it as his little safe place.

This crate has proved to be very robust (it’s almost 13 years old) and is also very handy as it is collapsible and folds away easy which is quite surprising when you consider it’s dimensions when it’s fully set up.

Lets have a look at what you get with the AmazonBasics crate:

  • A single door design with sliding latches for extra security.
  • Metal wire for strength, ventilation and visibility.
  • Optional divider to increase or reduce living space. This option wasn’t a feature on the crate we bought.
  • Removable composite plastic pan.
  • As already mentioned, it fold flat for easy storage and transport.
  • Dimensions 36 x 23 x 25 inches approx (L x W x H)

One of the biggest reasons we went for the metal crate was we have experience with new puppy’s and knew what to expect. By that I mean chewing. Yip, new puppies love to chew, especially when they start teething so we knew that something chew proof would be needed.

Another big factor was the removable plastic tray. Now the idea of a crate is to help train you new Cocker puppy and eventually you Spaniel will not wee or mess in his own space. Now accidents will happen and having a removable plastic tray makes it super easy to take the tray out and get it cleaned and put straight back inside the crate.