When Is A Cocker Spaniel Fully Grown? (With Age And Size Examples)

When Is A Cocker Spanie Fully Grown

Anyone looking to get a Cocker Spaniel as a companion will have asked how big they are when they are fully grown? After all, the size of a fully grown dog will have a huge impact on whether that type of breed is the right pet for them.

Like humans, all Cockers will develop at an individual rate however most Cockers Spaniels will reach a full-grown height between the age of 9 – 12 months. They will continue to develop in muscularity and reach full maturity between the ages of 18 – 24 months in most cases.

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How Tall Is A Fully Grown Cocker

As I said, all Cockers are different and they won’t all be the exact same height when fully grown. All we can do is go off the averages as each individual dog’s measurements will come down to their genetics.

Average Cocker Spaniel Height

  • 39 – 41.5cm tall – Male Cocker Spaniel
  • 37 – 39cm tall – Female Cocker Spaniel

What Age Will Cockers Reach Full Height?

Both male and female Cocker Spaniels will reach full-grown height somewhere between 9 and 12 months old. Although they will continue to develop and gain muscular/physical maturity and weight, their average height should peak at no later than the 12 months old mark, give or take.

What Age Will Cockers Reach Full Weight?

Although Cocker Spaniels will reach full physical height by the time they are 12 months old at the most, they will continue to develop and fill out for a few more months.

It’s widely accepted that most Cockers will reach their full maximum weight by the time they are 24 months old. As long as they exercise well and are not overfed, they will maintain this weight pretty much their entire life.

Last time I was at the vet’s with Guinness, they asked him to jump on the scales and sure enough, his weight was only 1kg heavier than when he was last weighed. The vet looked at his previous weigh-ins and Guinness was less than half a kg heavier than he was when he was 2 years old.

At the time of writing this, Guinness is a few months past 12 years old.

Like I said above, a Cocker Spaniel that is well exercised, well-fed and not under or overfed, will maintain pretty much the same weigh his or her entire adult life.

What weight Is A Fully Grown Cocker Spaniel?

As already covered, both male and female Cocker Spaniels will continue to grow and gain weight until they reach full maturity at which usually occurs no later than the 24-month range.

Average Weight For A Fully Grown Cocker Spaniel

  • 12.5 – 15.5kg Fully Grown Male
  • 11.75 – 14.5kg Fully Grown Female

The figures above are the recommended ideal weights from The American Kennel Club and reflect the slight difference in averages between both sexes as well as the individual height of each dog.

Exercise Is Important

A Cocker Spaniel is a very energetic dog with lots, and I do mean LOTS of stamina. They need regular exercise and I don’t just mean playing with a toy in the house or garden.

They need long walks and plenty of time chasing a ball etc in open spaces. If they don’t get this regular exercise, they will obviously gain weight and very easily at too.

One of the common questions I see online is owners asking if their Cockers are overweight. However, another common question is whether their Cocker is underweight.

Because Cockers are quite small dogs they can appear bulky if they put on a few pounds or can appear very skinny if they are a few pounds underweight.

Regularly weigh your Cocker

You should regularly weigh your cocker. Try and get your dog to a pretty much ideal weight judging by their appearance and then check the dog’s weight at regular intervals to help maintain that weight.

Once a month or 6 weeks should be enough although if you have your own scales like these (Link To Amazon) then you may want to check your dog’s weight more often.

If you don’t have your own scales suitable for weighing your dog, you should call into your vets and pop him on their scales. Any veterinary premises I have been to have had scales in their reception area.

Your Cocker should also have regular visits to your vets where they will help monitor the dog’s weight.

Cockers Average Weight From Puppy To Adult

Again, another common question. Owners are concerned about how much their Cocker should weigh while they are a puppy right up until they reach full maturity.

It’s easy to obsess over this and because all dogs are individuals, it’s hard to give an exact precise number…..well it’s not hard, it’s impossible but below is a guideline for the average monthly weight of a Cocker up until it’s 12 months old.

  • 1.3 kg – 1 Month Old
  • 3.0 kg – 2 Months Old
  • 6.5 kg – 3 Months Old
  • 8.0 kg – 4 Months Old
  • 10.0 kg – 5 Months Old
  • 11.5 kg – 6 Months Old
  • 12.5 kg – 7 Months Old
  • 13.25 kg – 8 Months Old
  • 13.5 kg – 9 Months Old
  • 13.6 kg – 10 Months Old
  • 13.7 kg – 11 Months Old
  • 13.8 kg – 12 Months Old

Please keep in mind that these figures are only averages and not a hard fast rule. These figures are an official document from the kennel club and are for both male and female Cocker Spaniels but are to be used only as a rough guideline……..remember how I said every Cocker is an individual and will develop at it’s own rate?

Looking To Buy A Cocker Spaniel Puppy?

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