Can Cocker Spaniels Eat Carrots? Why Your Dog Should Be

can cocker spaniels eat carrots

As a responsible dog owner, I’m always looking for different foods I can give my Cocker Spaniel Guinness to help keep him fit and healthy. I was visiting a friend one day who was feeding her Beagle a carrot…..

I immediately thought ‘Can Cocker Spaniels eat carrots?’

I did a little research and was pleased to find out that Cocker Spaniels can indeed eat carrots but there are a few things you must consider and do before giving your Cocker carrots as part of his diet or just as a treat.

Below are some of the questions I found myself asking and searching for.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Cocker Spaniel Eating Carrots

I was looking to see what the benefits of giving my Cocker carrots were and if they far outweighed any potential negatives. Obviously, I didn’t want to waste my time or upset my dog’s tummy without doing a little research first.

I mean, that’s why you’re here, right?

Improved Digestion

The first thing I found was that carrots greatly improve a dog’s digestion. Carrots have fairly high fiber content which can help your dog with loose stools and help combat and bowel irregularity.

Apart from helping with loose stools and more severe diarrhea, carrots can help settle a dog’s upset stomach fairly quickly.

Great Source Of Vitamins

On a recent trip to my local vets, I asked for some advice on giving my Cocker Spaniel carrots and he said they were great as they are a fantastic source of vitamin A, C, D, E, and K…..he actually mentioned a few other vitamins and fancy nutrients but I can’t remember their names.

Improved Coat, Fur And Energy Levels

It seems many dog owners on forums have reported seeing an improvement in their dog’s coat and fur as well as increased energy levels. Eating carrots regularly can also have an effect on how much your Cocker Spaniel will shed its coat.

While I agree with the first 2 comments, I can’t say I have noticed an increase in my Cocker Spaniels energy level. I mean come on, we are talking about Cocker Spaniels here, aren’t we?

You know, they are one of the most hyperactive dogs doing so I’m hardly going to notice a slight increase in energy levels when they are already through the roof, right?

Low In Calories And Fat

Carrots are very low in calories and fat and make a superb choice to give your dog. I replaced all of my Cocker’s typical unhealthy doggy treats with carrots as well as other fruit and veggies. Dogs really aren’t like humans and you will probably find that your dog won’t turn his or her nose up at a carrot.

Are There Any Dangers To My Dog?

I was worried about diving straight in and giving my boy carrots without researching the potential dangers first. Carrots are fairly high in natural sugars which can be a problem if your pooch has a diagnosed diabetic condition.

Diabetic dogs can still have carrots perfectly safe but you will have to limit the amounts they are given.

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Carrots A Choking Risk?

Ok, so this was the first danger I thought of. If you just toss a full raw carrot to your dog then yeah, I would say carrots are a bit of a choking risk. Get em chopped up first.

How Often Can A Cocker Eat Carrots?

This was another question that I found myself asking and I couldn’t really find a concrete answer online. I put this question to my vet as I mentioned earlier and he said there’s no reason why dogs can’t eat carrots every single day but obviously in moderation.

I mainly use carrots, chopped up for treats so usually it’s only 1 carrot per day, the odd time it’s 2.

Cooked Carrots Or Raw?

Both…..yeah you heard me right, Both cooked and raw carrots have their benefits for your dog.

Raw Carrots – The Benefits

Raw carrots can be fantastic for your dog’s dental health. Let me explain.

You may have heard how dental chews or really tough chew toys can help clean a dog’s teeth. Well, raw carrots are exactly the same.

They can help tremendously to remove the build-up of plaque and are proven to be much healthier than any dog dental chew or a chew toy.

I read on a forum that there was a study done and something like 2000 dog owners who replaced dental chews with raw carrots saw much-improved results in the health of their dog’s teeth.

I can’t for the life of me find where I read that but if I do I will post the link to the forum and the study here.

I will add that if your dog is comfortable with you brushing his teeth then I simply wouldn’t bother giving them a full raw carrot…..I will explain why, below.

Raw Carrots – The Negatives

Many people on the forum I mentioned above were posting pictures of their dogs eating raw carrots instead of dental chews. Remember the choking hazard I mention above?

That’s my biggest concern about giving my dog a full raw carrot. I only give my Cocker a raw carrot once a week to help clean his teeth (he hates getting his teeth brushed) and I keep hold of it while he chews it.

Undigested Carrots In Dogs Stool

The other negative of raw carrots is that no dog can fully metabolize the nutrients of a raw carrot. As a result, they cannot fully digest them either.

If you give your dog raw carrots you will notice that there will be very large chunks of carrot in your dog’s stool. Do not be alarmed, this is perfectly normal.

Many people, myself included, see this as a good thing and not a negative. It has been proven that when a dog passes a stool with raw carrot lumps in, they really do help clean the dog’s anal glands….lovely eh!!

Cooked Carrots

My preferred way of giving my Cocker Spaniel carrots is lightly boiled or steamed and shredded or chopped. Remember how I said that dogs are unable to absorb and digest raw carrots fully, well by steaming them or boiling them, your dog will be fully able to metabolize all the nutrients which makes them an excellent healthy snack.

Are Carrots OK For Puppies To Eat?

It would seem many people are asking this question although initially I never thought about it because my Cocker wasn’t a puppy when I realized I could give him carrots.

All of the information above applies to a puppy top. Every single bit but the most important part I must stress is the size of the carrot.

Make sure they are cut into small enough pieces for your pup and keep an eye on him in case he manages to get a piece stuck. I know this is common sense but it only takes a second for you to take your eye off him and he could get into trouble, especially if the carrot pieces aren’t quite soft enough.

Frozen Carrots For Teething Puppies

Many dog owners recommend giving puppies who are teething, a frozen carrot. It does make sense that chewing on a frozen carrot would greatly help relieve the discomfort of teething.

Please note: Make sure the frozen carrot for your dog to chew on are not baby carrots, these can be a choking hazard…..I know I know, I keep mentioning a choking risk but seriously, I can’t stress this risk enough.

Also, if you are giving your puppy frozen carrots to help teething, make sure you don’t then give them carrots as treats the same day. You can eat too much carrot, especially as a puppy.

You should always introduce any new food, regardless of how healthy it’s supposed to be, little by little into your dog’s diet and never overfeed them. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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